Winter Plumbing Tips That Can Stop Things From Going Wrong

Leaky FaucetWhen we move into the colder months it is essential that you prepare your pipes accordingly in order to lower the risk of developing various issues when the temperature drops. The problem here is that very few people actually know what they should do, so it is hoped that the following winter plumbing tips may prove to be quite useful and help you to keep your pipes in pristine condition throughout the year.

One of the big problems is always frozen pipes and this will of course lead to a reduction in the water pressure as it can flow less freely and indeed if you discover that this is a problem, then you must take action immediately and get some help. One method that can help to reduce the opportunity of this problem developing is by allowing a small trickle of water to run during the night. This will mean that the water is continually moving and if there is movement, then it will not freeze as this only occurs when it is standing still.

Another way in which you can lower the risk of pipes freezing is by making sure that you do allow hot air to circulate around your home and in particular to make sure that hot air can get to the pipes that are inside your home. One thing that you may do in the kitchen is to open cupboard doors that hide pipes during the evening in order to regulate the temperature that is hitting them or you will find that only cold air from outside will attack the pipes and this can lead to them freezing inside.

The final way in which you can stop your pipes from freezing is by lagging them and you can purchase special insulation materials from your hardware store that can be applied in seconds. What this does is it acts in much the same way as a jacket being put over the pipes and this can stop the cold from hitting them and freezing the water and this is the ideal solution if they are in an area of the house where you cannot get hot air to blow over them during the night.

Apart from frozen pipes, the other main winter plumbing tips include insulating outdoor faucets during the winter with special jackets and look at using the shut off valve to cut off the water supply to it in order to prevent problems. You should also look at the area where your water heater is located and see if you can insulate it in order to cut out any cold air that can blow in and this is especially important if it is in a garage or basement and do double check that there is no dampness that can also freeze and cause problems with the pipes.

So those are some of the main winter plumbing tips that you are certainly advised to pay attention to and use because failure to do so can lead to a large scale problem that will ultimately cost you a lot of money to repair. Anybody can do the things that have been mentioned above and do make sure that you keep checking on the status of your plumbing right through winter and never just assume that everything is fine and if in any doubt always hire a professional to check it out in order to put your mind at rest.

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