What You Always Wanted to Know about Plumbing, an Overview

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One of the disgusting and stressful moments in an home owners life is to have clogged drains within your home. In as much as water is the source of life, at times it can be the source of frustration for anyone dealing with plumbing issues. In fact one of the easiest ways of destroying your house is to have plumbing problems unfixed. Plumbing has been there in different forms for more than 8000 years, beginning with troughs, and straws.The materials used for plumbing system have transformed tremendously, but its basic principles have remained constant.

 Water supply

Plumbing is controlled by the law of nature, gravity, pressure and water seeking its way. If you are well knowledgeable with these facts, then you can understand its mysteries and repair dozens of your home’s plumbing problems. And this can save you money, time and troubles with other plumbers. If you understand facts about it, then you can do an excellent job in controlling the sewerage and drainage system around your house.

The drainage system around your home is made of two distinctive subsystems. One subsystem brings in fresh water, while the other one removes the waste out. The incoming water channeled to your living space is on high pressure. This water is under massive pressure that allows it flow smoothly upstairs and to everywhere else it is required within the house. When the water comes in, it passes through to a meter that records your usage level.

The main water stop valve is located next to the meter. In case of an emergency, it is important that you close all the valves. Otherwise, if the pipe bursts the water can fill your house in a matter of seconds. If the breakage is on either toilet, or tub, you might not want to close the water supply. Therefore it is advisable for most fixtures to have individual shutoff valves.

The main supply readily provides you with cold water for your needs. However,the supply of warm water goes through another process. There are two different pipes available for this purpose. One pipe that allows the water to flow to the heater, and the other that carries the hot water from the heater to other areas that are set mainly for usage of hot water like bathrooms and kitchen.

Drainage, waste and vent system (DWV)

After the water is used, it is then channeled out of the home through the pipe. The measurement for the drainage pipe relies on the size of the fixtures; the larger fixtures will be fixed with larger pipes. Each fixture drains like traps. Most of them can be built in a fixture like in toilet, while others are made on folded parts of the fixture. These traps are useful in holding a small portion of water that acts as a filter that prevents the sewerage gasses from coming back to your living compound. The fixtures are also useful as they are fixed with vents that lowers the pressure hence the water can flow without any hindrance. Each small vent is connected to the major vent stacks that are found on the top of the house.

 Wet vents

You should be aware that, when it comes to virtual plumbing system,the draining tub is not vented in same way just like other normal fixtures.The main drainage pipe is connected to the main tub together with the vent for the toilet. This kind of vent is known as wet vent. Should have an arrangement to buy a fixture which is using wet vent, then you could consult a plumber or any other expert to help you determine the size of pipe that you need and the distance it can be from the vent pipe.


Cleanouts provide you with easy and stress free access to the DWV. These cleanouts are normally installed at the end of horizontal drains that passes next to the point where the sewerage system leaves the home. And finally having the basic knowledge and being prepared is the first step to successful plumbing repairs. Having gotten the knowledge you need about plumbing, it should not be a trouble fixing things like clogged drainage system anymore. There are so many reviews and articles available on my blog that can further explain more about the plumbing.

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