What do you do when your hot water heater runs out?

We all love to have a nice hot bath or shower. It feels so relaxing after a long hard day. How does it feel when cold water starts coming out? Frustrating, huh. It’s important to constantly check the condition of your hot water heater to avoid such irritating problems.

Hot water heaters are great for everyday things we tend to take for granite. You only need to connect it to a power source and switch it on. The water will then heat up usually pretty quick. But sometimes things can go awry. Have you ever experienced such problems? So frustrating and it’s usually never very timely either.
A few causes of this may be obvious to some. Your hot water might run out if you’re bathing with plenty of hot water. Identify the rate at which your shower head is releasing water. A typical shower head should produce 2.5 gallons of water in one minute.

Hot water heaters that are small usually run out pretty fast. Small hot water heaters cannot produce adequate hot water to be used by many people. If you have a large family, a larger hot water heater may be needed. In most cases, single people or couples use a 30-gallon hot water heater. A large family will require about a 50-gallon heater. You need to purchase a larger hot water heater to cater for all family members.

The problem might also be caused due to failure of the pilot to function properly. The main function of the pilot is to make the water hot, especially in gas water heaters. In case the heater runs out, check the pilot to see if it’s producing a flame. Pilots can stop functioning due to various reasons. First, the gas supply might have been affected. This eventually shuts off the pilot. Strong winds may also have blown it out. In case this takes place, re-light the pilot following the instructions written on the manual. Re-lighting the pilot is very simple. Ensure there is no gas leakage as this may be disastrous. Turn off the water heater. Wait until the gas fades away then re-light.

Check the dip tube to see if it’s broken. If the dip tube is affected, water, deep down in the tank cannot flow and thus makes the water heater to go off.

The heating elements may also have a problem, especially when you’re using an electric hot water heater. Reset the device to make it function once more.

Confirm the temperature settings. Heaters which have high-temperature settings are capable of heating water very fast. This ensures continuous supply of hot water. The only disadvantage is that electric bills are very high. Elevated temperatures may also cause the device to burn. Always moderate the temperature settings.
Insulate the water heater. If this isn’t done, heat is lost and thus the heater can easily run out. Insulating the water heater ensures that heat is not lost. Sediments might also cause the problem. Make sure you’ve flushed the gas water heater to remove the sediments.

Repair and replace the damaged parts. Read the installation instructions written on the manual to guide you in replacing or repairing the hot water heater. Of course you can always call a master plumber to repair or replace your hot water heater for you.

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