Water Softening Options in Abilene, Texas

Are you in Abilene and looking for a water softening solution? Great, because did you know that most plumbing repairs are caused by hard water? It’s true, and you know what else…86% of all water heater failures are due to hard water. Hard water is a big waste of your money.

There are many water softener options to consider, we know because we’ve researched most of them. The one we use and trust is Morrison Extreme Series Water Softening. Why? Here’s some of the benefits:

• Protects your entire Plumbing System throughout your home.
• Dishes, Silverware & China will sparkle and you’ll have a clean coffee maker with no scale or build-up.
• Saves you work, time and money scrubbing the kitchen sink, cutting boards, counter tops, tubs, toilets and shower doors.
• Eliminates hardwater spots and reduces soap scum and residue buildup on showers, tubs and sinks.
• Treated water leaves your skin feeling smoother
• Hair will be softer and more manageable
• Reduces soap, shampoo and bathroom cleaner usage by nearly 50%
• Increases water heater efficiency by almost 30%, and extends the water heater life by many years.
• Improves water flow and pressure by eliminating calcium buildup in pipes.
• Clothes and linens are cleaner, brighter, softer and last longer.
• Adds life to dishwasher, washing machines & all water fixtures.
• Cuts down on laundry detergent, fabric softeners and all cleaning supplies by 50%, saving you money.
• Systems can regenerate with sodium or potassium.

We love the Morrison water softening unit and so do our customers, we’re sure you will too.

Contact us to and we’ll discuss your options.

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