Unclogging a Garbage Disposal-Easier Than You Think

A clogged drain is something that many people dread. When a garbage disposal is attached to this drain, it can become a nightmare. You have to work with an electric appliance while clearing the drain. This doesn’t have to be the case though. Any home owner with average skills can unclog a garbage disposal in no time at all. It just takes the right tools and some effort on your part. Learn how to do this today so you can save a lot of money on plumbing bills.

Food tends to get stuck in the garbage disposal. This occurs to everyone at some time or another. Food gets stuck in the flywheel so it can no longer move and grind up food. It quickly becomes clogged as a result. When you need to unclog garbage disposal, a few tools will be required. Grab a flashlight, a hex-head wrench and a wooden spoon or broom handle. Next turn off the power to the machine. You don’t want to be accidentally electrocuted. Shine your flashlight down the drain so you can view the disposal. If you can see what is blocking the movement of the flywheel, pull it out. It is best to use kitchen tongs or pliers to do this so you do not get cut.

Find the hex-head wrench that was included with your unit at time of purchase as it is designed to unclog garbage disposal. Place this in the hole at the base of the unit. If you are unable to locate the wrench that came with your unit, any hex-head wrench will work. Once you have inserted the wrench, turn it a few times. This turns the flywheel and should remove any obstructions.

Now you will need to take the wooden spoon or broom handle and manually turn the flywheel. If it moves freely, you can restore power to the unit as you have now managed to unclog garbage disposal. If not, you may have a metal item lodged in the unit that you cannot see. Attach a magnet to the end of the broom handle or wooden spoon and attempt to remove it. This will fix most garbage disposals without the need to call in a plumber. If it does not, you may need outside help. You can opt to buy a new unit as it will be cheaper to buy and install a new unit than to call a plumber in to fix your current one.

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