Tips on Going Green with Your Plumbing Systems

Thinking of Green plumbingIn the modern world it pays to be environmentally conscious and it is most certainly fashionable to be green. There are many choices that you can make that will have a positive impact on the environment and these include your home plumbing. Below are some tips on going green with your plumbing in your home.

A green system for your home plumbing in simple terms is a system where you will use less water as well as recycle water that you have already used. You will also save energy in the way that you heat your water, and overall, after installation your new green system will save you money on your energy and water costs.

Insulate your pipes correctly

One simple way to cut back on your utility bill without having to worry about the installation of a new water system is by correctly insulating your pipes. Properly insulated pipes will instantly save you money on your water heating bill, your hot water being delivered to your taps and showers faster than before and this in turn meaning you waste less water waiting for it to warm up.

Move pipes away from exterior walls

One of the best tips on going green with your plumbing system is to avoid running plumbing pipes through exterior walls. By keeping your water pipes inside, you will once again reduce heat loss and your water will be delivered to you faster and hotter than before.

Install a brand new water heater

An inefficient water heater can account for a large percentage of your energy bills, so by swapping your existing model for an eco friendly one you will save energy on heating and also save money in the long run on repairs. Another suggestion for going green on your plumbing would be to go tankless. Tankless water heaters work by activating a set of coils and they only ever heat the amount of water needed, therefore saving you large amounts on your energy bill.

Fix leaks
Leaks in your toilet, faucets or from any pipe in your home can be wasting you money every day. Not only are you unnecessarily wasting water with dripping pipes but you can also cause water damage, mold and mildew. Fix all leaks as soon as you notice them to ensure you do not cause structural damage in the future.

Install low flow fixtures on your toilet and faucets
A dual flush toilet or low flow faucets can save you large amounts of otherwise wasted water over the course of a year. If you are rinsing something under the sink, it is only natural to turn the tap on full; fit a low flow fixture as one of the best tips on going green with your plumbing.

Recycle water where possible

Lastly, make sure that before your water goes down the drain you have no more use for it. This does not mean washing dishes in dirty water of sharing bath water, but utilizing your waste water in other areas. Your garden will welcome water in the summer, and using what is known as grey water rather than water fresh from the tap, you can being doing your best to go green in your garden too.

These are just some tips on going green with your plumbing system. You don’t have to go green all at once; just like with your light fittings or your home appliances, gradually phase out your old system and bring in all the very best new green alternatives.

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