Thinking of fixing your gas lines, yourself?

Fixing up leakages in pipes, fitting up screws in switch boards, handling the repair of waterlines, etc., is something that many would have attempted to do at least once in their adult life and may have finished the task successfully feeling like a pro. Although all these services can be handled without a professional plumber, how often does one think of fixing a gas line without using any plumbing services, more often than not the answer would be a “No”, as the task of handling gas infuses a fear in many people.

T&T Plumbing ServicesThere are a few people who would be willing to try to tackle the task by themselves. It is necessary to mention that you can’t afford to experiment in certain home improvement tasks like fixing the gas line, etc because while you may be great at fixing leaking faucets, fixing gas lines can be a very dangerous job.

Another important thing to mention with gas line repairs is the slightest spark, even a static shock; can cause the gas to explode. So, I recommend you not to take the risk unless you are very experienced in gas lines already. The best thing to do is call a master plumber. It can save you money and potential harm, the later being priceless.

It’s also a widely followed practice by insurance companies that they do not offer insurance coverage to fire accidents and loss of life due to self-fixed gas connections. It’s also against the law to handle gas connections without the permit to do so in many areas. I’m sure you can see why that would be.

Fixing a gas line is not the same as fixing a leaking water pipe. The gas connection and the tube is designed in a more complex way and the pipes are usually very thick and of great quality, which might last over many decades. However, when these pipes are damaged they cannot be fixed by using a sealing tape like in the case of water pipes and needs to be replaced instantly by a professional. The plumber would detect the source of leakage and try to fix that part of the pipe by either making a minor replacement or by replacing the whole gas pipe according to the need.

As there are too many complications, both legal and practical involved in dealing with the gas line, it’s in the best interest of everyone to put this job into the hands of a proven plumbing professional.

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