Putting Viega Fire Alarm Systems Abilene To Work For You

Fire can completely devastate a family, obliterating all that a family has worked for. But, it doesn’t have to be that way. Based on statistics provided by the National Fire Protection Association, a home fire is called in every 90 seconds in the US. But according to a Home Fire Sprinkler Cost Assessment report, the cost of putting in house fire sprinkler would only increase the house cost by $1.61 for every square foot of new construction.

But still, you hear grumblings among home owners about the sprinklers can cause more damage than their worth and who can really afford anything extra on their mortgages? While there are reasons why people feel this way, again, it doesn’t have to be that way. With Viega Fire Alarm Systems Abilene, you are installing peace of mind.

This affordable fire sprinkler is approved with NFPA 13D and it’s reliable. It’s made from the trusted name brand Viega with bronze materials that are resistant to corrosion. They’re easy to install with an attached sleeve so that no assembly is required. You receive a professional appearance with color-coded rings for each dimension. Additionally, it coordinates with press tool handle colors. The Viega Fire Alarm Systems Abilene works with the ViegaPEX, ViegaPEX ULtra, FostaPEX and the ViegaPEX Barrier tubing with increased sizes, too.

The purpose of the fire sprinkler is not to flood your home or office, but to effectively put out any fire that may develop. The immediate id’ing of a fire and keeping it under control until professionals can put it out are the primary goals of all sprinkler systems. They’re also there to respond to fires during times when the house is empty, so that you don’t come home to a shell. When a home or building is protected by a sprinkler system, there is typically less damage than in those homes or buildings without it. This results in lower insurance payouts and insurance companies typically will offer significant savings to those buildings that are protected by sprinklers.

There’s no doubt that it’s an investment to put sprinklers in your home or office, but it’s an investment who’s dividends pay off in saved lives and reduced property damage. As an owner, you can’t afford not to have a quality sprinkler system professionally installed.

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