Preventing Catastrophe: Inspect Your Electric Hot Water Heater

There are many appliances in our houses that we simply take for granted. Things like heating and cooling systems, refrigerators, washers and dryers, and ovens/ranges seem unimportant though we use them most each and everyday. When one stops to think of just how convenient it is to have all of these appliances at their fingertips, they should feel blessed. On the flip side, when something does go wrong, it can be quite dangerous. In fact, the dangers of electric hot water heaters can put your entire family at risk, and you may not even know that there was anything wrong to begin with.

Of specific concern is the T & P valve (temperature and pressure). This part of the tank is usually located at the top of the heater. It consists of a copper pipe, fixed with a turn valve, that comes from inside the tank, across the top, traveling down the length of one side to a drain. It’s purpose is that of a safety mechanism, protecting you from the dangers of electric hot water heaters becoming too hot, and thereby too pressurized and exploding. The valve can be opened up to release the pressure (in the form of steam) with the condensation leaving through the copper pipe, leaving room for cooler water to enter and reduce the overall temperature.

When you ensure that this safety device is working properly, you eliminate the dangers of electric hot water heaters in your home malfunctioning, which would mean exploding! So, how do you know if the device is working properly to begin with? Check with the manufacturer’s guide for instructions. If you still do not understand, call your local plumbing professional for help.

For the safety of you and your family, you should inspect your hot water heater regularly. Do a self inspection at least once a year. Be sure to call a professional if you even suspect that something doesn’t seem quite right: if you smell something strange, if the water isn’t heating to the proper temperature (too cold or too hot), or if the unit is looking a bit rusty. Remember…the dangers of electric hot water heaters are numerous, you don’t need to obsess over it, but you should keep your guard up.

If you’re looking to have your hot water heater repaired or a new on installed in the Abilene or surrounding areas, contact us today for a quote.

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