Plumbing Checklist For Your Household

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The key to having a well-functioning plumbing system lies in early detection of potential plumbing problems by a homeowner. Seeing as there are several aspects of the home that need to be given equal attention, it is advisable to have a plumbing checklist like the one below which will help with maintenance and preventative care of the plumbing.

Testing the water pressure should be done as frequently as possible. Water pressure refers to the degree of force with which water is expelled from shower heads and sink faucets. Homeowners should look out for a drop in water pressure, which could be an indication that sediments have built up in the shower head or faucet.

Sinks should also be tested for drainage speed on the regular. A sink that drains slower than it used to most probably has a blockage in the vent pipe or a clogged drain. Under normal circumstances, full swirls should be observed when the drain is in use. Bubbles are an indication of an underlying problem and so is the production of gurgling sounds when the drain is in use.

Plumbing maintenance also involves inspection of the water heater system, and more specifically, its burner chamber. Look out for rust flakes within the chamber and remember to ascertain that the water heater flame is blue. A yellow color in the flame could be an indication that it’s time to clean the jets.

It is also important to inspect washing machine hoses to ensure that they are free of cracks and that they are not leaking. Washing machines are known to cause water damage in residential areas if not monitored closely.

The toilet should also form part of a household plumbing checklist. Inspecting the flushing handle as well as the inner parts of the toilet bowl is quite essential. It is also important to flush each toilet during the inspection so as to be sure that it flushes as it should. The interior of the toilet tank should also be inspected for broken or missing parts as well as rust.

A plumbing maintenance checklist would be incomplete without an inspection of tiles within the shower, near water pipes, and even around sinks. Presence of a hollow or lose tile may point to water leakage from underneath or behind the tile causing it to rot.

Remember the above checklist next time when seeking to undertake maintenance of the household plumbing system.

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