Abilene Home Electric Hot Water Heater Repair

You rely on your electric hot water heater to provide your home with the hot water you need for doing dishes, washing clothes, showering, and a whole variety of other things. You assume that it is going to work, and that hot water is going to be there when you need it. But what do you do when your water is too hot, too cold, or somewhere in between? Many people turn to an electric hot water heater repair professional in this situation, but this isn’t your only option. Many issue can be taken care of on your own.

Here’s some things you can try if the water temperature in your home isn’t right.

Water Too Hot

Most electric hot water heaters have two thermostats. If your water is too hot, it either means that your main thermostat is set too high, or that one of them isn’t working properly. First check your main thermostat, to see what temperature it is set at. If it is set very high, turn it down and allow 24 hours to see if that helps. If not, then you’ll need to check that both are receiving power – you can do this with a volt meter. If they are receiving power, but the water is still too hot, then one or both are defective and need replaced by an electric hot water heater repair professional.

Water Too Cold

If your water isn’t hot at all, first check that the breaker to your hot water heater hasn’t been tripped. If it has, switch it back and see if that takes care of the problem. If it doesn’t, open the top panel and check to see if the top thermostat high limit switch has been tripped. If it has, press the button to reset it. If that doesn’t help, then you’ll want to check that the top heating element is receiving power, with the same method mentioned above. If there is power, the heating element needs replaced. If there isn’t power, the thermostat needs replaced by an electric hot water heater repair professional.

Other Issues

If your water heater smells bad, like a rotten egg, clean the tank with bleach or change the anode rod to an aluminum rod. If your tank is leaking, get it looked at and possibly replaced by a hot water heater repair pro.

If you’re looking to have your hot water heater repaired or a new on installed in the Abilene or surrounding areas, contact us today for a quote.

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