Four practical plumbing tips for home maintenance

Female holding pipesThe plumbing in your house is an essential part of your everyday living but sadly is something that can go wrong. Whether you are suffering from a blocked drain or leaking pipes, there are some plumbing tips that you can follow to ensure that you are never left with a flooded home or without running water. Below are four great plumbing tips that you can read up on before you tackle your home’s water works.

Be prepared

Firstly, when working with water, you need to be prepared and ready for a potentially messy time. The most important part of preparation will be locating your stop cock and turning off the water supply before you start, but there are many other things you can do to prepare yourself for the job ahead. Make sure that you are appropriately dressed and you have all the supplies you need at hand; a great plumber’s tool kit will include a wrench, a few screwdrivers, some rubber gloves, an empty vessel for catching drips and some old towels or shop cloths to soak up large spills.

Treat your drains with care

The second of the plumbing tips that you should follow is to take care of your drains, basins and toilets in order to avoid blockages in the first place. Your toilet is not designed for diapers or sanitary products to be flushed down, so ensure that only used toilet tissue is flushed away in your lavatory. Also, by protecting the plug hole of your sinks and basins with a fine mesh you can avoid many blockages in the future; soap scum and hairs are both famous for blocking your drains as is used cooking fat, and none of these should be allowed to enter your drainpipes.

Learn how to snake your drains

One of the most common plumbing problems in the home is a blocked or slowly emptying drain. If you have made the mistake of not being vigilant as to what goes down your drains, then you will need to learn how to unblock them. When products on sale in your local hardware store are still not shifting blockages and emptying your u bend does not solve your problem, you need to hire a snake or call in the professionals. A snake will unwind and can be lowered down your drains from the overflow pipes. As you wind it downwards little by little, the snake on the end will catch the blockage and when you wind it back in your drains will empty smoothly once more.

Regularly clean your faucets to avoid calcium build up

Especially when you live in an area of hard water, calcium can quickly block up your shower head or other faucets and the result will be a slow trickle of water instead of a free flow. This problem is easily solved by regularly cleaning your faucets with as special product that dissolves the calcium build up. Calcium build up on your taps is easy to spot as it will stain your metal taps white; with one quick application of the correct product, your taps and showers will look new again.

These are just four of the top plumbing tips for basic home maintenance. By keeping on top of your jobs and treating your water works well you will always have free flowing drains and powerful taps and faucets.

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