How to replace a toilet

How to replace a toilet

You don’t have to be a plumber to replace toilet. Many professionals will tell you that replacing a toilet is not as difficult as it sounds. It doesn’t matter if you’re replacing your toilet with a brand-new toilet, or if you’re just resetting it so it doesn’t leak the process is still the same. Follow […] Read more »

Maintain your plumbing system to keep problems at bay

Woman maintaining plumbing

Regular plumbing upkeep is important for people to maintain their homes and kitchen water supply systems. This takes a lot of effort and sometimes technical assistance is needed for that. There are different types of plumbing services, all intended at increasing the overall resale value of a home. Let’s take a look at a few […] Read more »

Thinking of fixing your gas lines, yourself?

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Fixing up leakages in pipes, fitting up screws in switch boards, handling the repair of waterlines, etc., is something that many would have attempted to do at least once in their adult life and may have finished the task successfully feeling like a pro. Although all these services can be handled without a professional plumber, […] Read more »

Elk hunting in Colorado!

When I’m not doing plumbing work, I LOVE to hunt! I usually stick to the Abilene area to do that but was treated to a special trip and thought I’d post some pics here for you to see. So we went Elk hunting in Colorado and we had a blast! Brought the family and they stayed […] Read more »

Tips for bathroom faucet repair

The bathroom is one of the most important rooms in our homes to keep functioning at its best. It is where we go to clean up and well, just feel better. It’s imperative to maintain it in the best possible condition. Being the place where we clean ourselves, it should be clean in the first […] Read more »

Clogged Drain Cleaning

There is nothing as frustrating as a clogged drainage system. The awful smell, the inconvenience in using the taps and over draining of water are just simply intolerable. Here’s some tips that show many times you don’t need heavy industrial chemicals as some will have you believe. 1. Use of Vinegar A tested and genuine […] Read more »