How To Cut Down on Plumbing Costs


  Plumbing in homes is usually put out of sight. That however, does not mean that it should be out of mind. When your plumbing does not work, you will either have problems getting clean water into your home or getting rid of the dirty water that is already used.It is important therefore, that you […] Read more »

Benefits of the Plastic Pipe for Plumbing

Plastic Plumbing Pipes

In the past homeowners used lead, bronze, copper or iron pipes for their home plumbing. Currently however, things have changed and homeowners are now turning to plastic as the preferred alternative. After being aware of the advantages that come with plastic plumbing, most homeowners will definitely recommend it as the ideal plumbing material for the […] Read more »

Guide to Converting Your Toilet to Dual Flush

Toilet Valve

Water wastage is something that you have to deal with, when it comes to using your toilet. However, there are ways in which you can preserve water, go easy on the environment, and reduce your energy bills, without having to replace your toilet. One of the best ways to accomplish such a goal is by […] Read more »

What to Consider When Choosing a Faucet

Though we are used to seeing faucets in our daily lives, we seldom think about them except when we need to replace ones that have ceased to be useful or whenever carrying out a remodeling in the bathroom or kitchen. Interestingly, when you need to replace them, there are so many faucets in the market […] Read more »

Plumbing Checklist For Your Household

The key to having a well-functioning plumbing system lies in early detection of potential plumbing problems by a homeowner. Seeing as there are several aspects of the home that need to be given equal attention, it is advisable to have a plumbing checklist like the one below which will help with maintenance and preventative care […] Read more »

Tips on Going Green with Your Plumbing Systems

Thinking of Green plumbing

In the modern world it pays to be environmentally conscious and it is most certainly fashionable to be green. There are many choices that you can make that will have a positive impact on the environment and these include your home plumbing. Below are some tips on going green with your plumbing in your home. […] Read more »

Four practical plumbing tips for home maintenance

Female holding pipes

The plumbing in your house is an essential part of your everyday living but sadly is something that can go wrong. Whether you are suffering from a blocked drain or leaking pipes, there are some plumbing tips that you can follow to ensure that you are never left with a flooded home or without running […] Read more »