Bidet Toilet Seat Advantages, in Abilene, Texas

The need for a higher toilet seat, or even a portable toilet when our loved one cannot climb stairs can be easily remedied. However, there is a toilet seat for the elderly, which is common in Europe, but little known about in the U.S.A, and that is the Bidet Toilet Seat. This toilet seat, in its many forms, can be purchased for less than $50 and as high as several hundred dollars depending on the style and features that it provides. Regardless of the style, even the most simplistic, this toilet seat offers many benefits to our elderly.

One of the benefits of the Bidet Toilet Seat is that our elderly can tend to their needs without having to have an attendant present to clean them after voiding or having a bowel movement. Whether it be built in, or portable, the spray will clean their bottom, leaving their dignity intact.

As we age, many deal with health problems such as diabetes, circulation and skin becomes more tender and easier to tear, which can occur easily with toilet tissue. Not only does the skin tear, but the elderly often face frequent occurrences of urinary tract infections which can come from improper wiping. Other health problems may require our loved one to use a Foley catheter constantly which is another cause of urinary infections. The washer on these seats enable a thorough cleaning of the urethra area without being contaminated, as may occur when the area is washed by hand. Cleanliness is important to our loved ones which can be maintained through the use of Bidet Toilet Seats.

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