Abilene Septic Systems – How They Work

Have you ever wondered how a septic system works? These large steel or concrete tanks are buried in yards and able to hold up to one thousand gallons of water. Waste water moves into these tanks through one side and leaves through another. If you were to look at the Abilene Septic Systems from the side, you would see three main layers inside. The top, where the waste floats above the others, is known as scum layer. The heavy stuff sinks to the bottom of the water and is called the sludge layer. The majority of the tank is filled by a semi-clear layer of water in the center.

In the center layer of the Abilene Septic Systems, the water contains chemicals like phosphorous and nitrogen which are the fertilizers. It also has bacteria and for the most part, you will not find any solids. When the bacteria breaks down organic materials in the water, they create gases, which are the cause of the foul smell. To prevent this odor from getting back into your home, pipes have special loops that are designed to keep water inside. The bad scent cannot get through this, and instead is released through a vent pipe that sticks out through the roof.

When more water goes into Abilene Septic Systems, the water that is currently holding that position gets displaced, flowing into what is known as a drain field. These are buried with gravel in trenches. The ground in these drain fields slowly absorbs and filters the water. The size of these fields is based on whether or not it can quickly absorb the water. If it can, the field will be smaller, but for materials like hard clay, which have a hard time absorbing the water, the field will be a great deal larger.

In the end, Abilene Septic Systems are essentially only powered by gravity. As water constantly moves to these tanks, the water that is there is forced out in a passive manner. These powerful systems make it possible to keep homes clean and pleasant without ever having to leave them, and shouldn’t be taken for granted.

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