Abilene Plumber Discusses Using A Plumbing Snake For Clogs

There’s never a “great” time for a drain to clog. You can clear some clogs without hiring an Abilene Plumber. If it is a tough clog you may want to learn how to use a plumbing snake. Most clogs occur in your tub, toilet, or sinks. To clean the toilet the first thing you need are gloves because a toilet if full of germs. Turn the water flow off to the toilet and put something around the toilet to protect your floor from any splashes. A snake is a flexible coil of wire that can go through the curves of the drain. Insert one end of the snake and push down until you hit where the clog is. Next you will need to twist and push the snake through until the water drains. If you can not get the snake to go through, you may have to remove the toilet and use the snake the opposite direction.

How to use plumbing snake on a bath tub would be to remove the  drain cover. Slowly push the snake into the drain until you reach the blockage. Rotate the top of the snake in a clockwise motion, you should feel the snake grabbing the clog, this can be tough sometimes if it is a bad clog. Once you feel the snake is all the way through the clog pull it out. Be prepared with a bucket and rag because you will be pulling out whatever has caused the clog. Once you have the clog out it is a great idea to run hot water for three to five minutes to make sure that all other debris is forced through. To tackle a clog in the sink, you will want to lay down something to protect underneath your sink. Open the trap under the sink with a wrench and if the clog is in the trap simply push it out with the snake. If the clog is deeper in the pipes you will want to push the snake through the same way you would the tub. Again, run the hot water three to five minutes after clog is cleared. You can buy they type of snake you need for your clog at just about any hardware or home improvement store.

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